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Give your data a clear and convincing voice

"The workshop gave me methods and a structure for Dashboard development.

I am excited to practice it for my future indicators to create"

- Ouissem H., Luxury Goods, Switzerland


Is data visualization really helping you to tackle business challenges? Are you sure your dashboards are focused on the right target and telling the right story? Or are they more likely to cause confusion than to answer questions?

Turning data into actionable dashboards is key to accelerate data transformation in your organization. Effective dashboards don’t just come out of the box. 

That is why we developed a webinar providing an introduction about data visualization best practices.

Alter your design thinking approach

What you’ll learn

  • The Dashboard model canvas, a design thinking approach to clarify your business needs
  • Applying dashboard design principles
  • Complying to laws of UX
  • Color coding best practices
  • Typographic rules
  • Organising the flow of building blocks
  • Selecting the right chart types
  • Structuring an actionable dashboard
  • Conducted by a Business & Decision data artist
  • Intended for anyone involved in dashboards targeting different audiences.
  • No prior knowledge of data visualization tools is required.
  • The principles are tool agnostic and can be applied using any visual analytics platform.




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