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Webinar - 24 September 2020, 11:00-12:00

How to accelerate your

decision-making process with Tableau

Discover how De Lijn moved from "copy-paste" reporting tables in Excel, PDF and PowerPoint to an integrated self-service dashboarding platform


Join the webinar

Change the way you think about data


"Tableau engages our people in the reporting process and empowers them to take better data-driven decisions."

- Head of Market Analysis and Research, De Lijn



Do you have lots of standalone files used for reporting? Are you spending a huge effort in producing and sharing reports across your organization? How could you ease the reporting process for your decision-makers?

Tableau and Business & Decision optimize your reporting life cycle and bring visual analytics to another level!

Discover the advantages of embracing a modern visual analytics platform that will change the way you think about and look at data.

Learn how Tableau and Business & Decision can help you in your data journey


What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Data Visualization
  • Deep dive into the De Lijn success story "Mobility Tool"
    • Former way of reporting on passenger's activity
    • Why mobility tool?
    • Why Tableau?
    • The Tableau way
  • 20 minute interactive Q&A session
  • Opportunity to book a free follow-up session
   De Lijn Success story & Business case
  • Overview of the Mobility Tool
  • How to tackle common reporting challenges
  • Concrete solutions and advantages brought by Tableau
  • How to captivate your audience with the right dashboards


Frédéric Calbert

Data Artist & Data Viz Leader
Business & Decision

Round picture Frederic


  • The person that challenges your dashboards
  • 12 years in the Data Industry
  • Designer of hundreds of dashboards and 10+ DataViz platforms in the last 5 years

Karen De Cleyn

Market Analysis Expert
De Lijn

Karen Round picture


  • The person that contributes to a better Public Transport network
  • 13 years at De Lijn
  • High level of insights on De Lijn's Passenger Activity



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