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"Digital Customer Experience with Chatbots"

How an AI driven FAQ-Chatbot can support your business


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Elevate your Customer Experience


"Not all Chatbots are equal, think about your case and audience before starting a project"

- Gerrit Denayer, Chatbot Expert at Business & Decision


With the increase of products and services available today, the basis of competition is changing. Differentiation in customer experience is becoming more important than ever for customers to decide between similar offers, as they place more value on experience.

Moreover, customers expectations have risen to new levels. Are you available 24/7? Are your answers fast & qualitative? Is your information available as a self-service?

Lastly, companies experience a continued pressure to do more business with the same or reduced resources and are therefore looking for automation of services.

To deal with these challenges, we've developed a webinar showing what a Chatbot can do for you.

How a Chatbot can help you distinguish yourself from the competition

What you’ll capitalize on

  • A transformation from "customer support center" to an "experience center"
  • Differentiated customer experience throughout the entire customer journey
  • 24/7, qualitative and consistent answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's)
  • Increased time for staff to handle more complex questions
  • Savings on unnecessary forms, mails, ...
  • Chatbots Demistified
  • Comparison of Transactional & FAQ Chatbots
  • Keyword search VS Questions
  • 2 real-life use cases
  • Live demo of Chatbot tooling
  • 5 steps to get you started




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